Almost to Jerusalem

Almost to Jerusalem

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Misrad Hapnim visit from Hell

11 July 2011 – The visit from hell was today. I don’t know how I stood my ground, but I did.
It started with a visit to Jerusalem… Bus 405… I get to the bus station (this one is like a mall, it’s part mall, part bus station, called the Central Bus Station). I order my tickets, which took a while (thanks to some Brazilians holding up the line)… I miss the bus I wanted to originally go on, but I catch the next one. Sitting down, I finish up some things, make a call to my father, and then head on the next bus to Jerusalem.

Fast Forward 50 minutes, through the European-like Judean Hills and I have arrived in Jerusalem…


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The Aussie Girl Part 2

I should admit that I’ll probably regret even thinking about this too much, but I find myself worrying about what happened to the Aussie Girl. She came back last night after leaving early yesterday to Jerusalem. Apparently, all didn’t go well for her there. While in the Old City, she was the unfortunate. Apparently, the story I heard was that she was offered an Ankle Bracelet and a fitting. Apparently, she didn’t think anything bad would come out of that, however, the guy took the owner to look her up. In a way, you may think, it served her right. However, she wasn’t naive. I think all of us want to believe the best in people. When she came back, she looked upset, you could see that in an instant. She decided to invite me up to her room and she told me what happened. On one hand, I seem to be the innocent one who makes people see that things aren’t always what they seem. (She had told me I was the best local she met, but then I told her that not everyone is like what she thinks and that there are better locals than me probably as well as the fact that I was born and grew up abroad despite my parents being born here.) I feel tremendously guilty for her (as well as happy she had trusted me), but I wonder if there’s something I can do to cheer her up before she goes down South tomorrow. We’ll see…

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Aussie Girls

I might just say that I think I have found the most amazing person from Oz. I will admit that I do think she’s a bombshell (and I mean that in the nicest way, but also much kinder than any American girl I’ve met), but for now it’s niceties. She says she’s going to J-Town (Jerusalem for all you non-locals). tomorrow. I have reminded her to be careful and she’s just kind of trying to make me feel like everything’s going to be fine. She knows how locals act (Beach Apparently?). However, I’ve got to say that I don’t know what to say ’bout that.

Before I forget, having been here for a day really (going to be two days tonight), I can say that I love it here. I’ll write more later.

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Quite honestly and frankly, one of the saddest things I’ve seen lately is the malicious attacks on my friend and “cousin” (used with “” because it was more of something we agreed to do here) who died at age 28 in Miami on Thursday of a heart attack while preparing to compete in a competition. Not only is it sad that he never got to compete, but also because some “people” and I use the word loosely, these are really monsters who hide behind their computers, don’t use real pictures or videos, and just safely recline back knowing that nothing will happen to them because this only embodies their online lives (although one must wonder if they have a life offline as well). I say that this is pathetic first of all as the man is dead. He can’t come to protect himself, but I can and have been formulating answers to their rude behavior. Second of all, a lot of the people, no, most if not all, who write these things know nothing about Viorel. Give me one person who writes these things and knew Viorel personally or on Facebook? None. How many of them knew he graduated with a degree in economics? How many of them knew that he served as a councillor for his local region in Bucharest? None. Now, how many of them knew that after that, he decided to dedicate his life to competition? This wasn’t a boneheaded individual like the ones guilty of slandering his legacy. This was a smart man who deserves respect. No matter how he died, have a bit of seichel for those who are in mourning, his family, friends, fans, and all those who respected him. We, unlike you, would never act this way. Just remember, karma is going to get you. RIP VR

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The brightness of Ali

Having had my brother Ali leave a few weeks ago back to his homeland, I must say that I miss him a lot. He taught me so much about how humanity can be great if we look past the little things and remember that we’re all people who while different in some ways are similar in others.

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The days of summer

Having really not realized how fast this year at uni went I find myself very tired and sad; I really didn’t realize how time is going by so fast, I could’ve been a lot more, and yet I cannot look back on.the past and instead I must focus on the future ahead, which is bright.

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